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Students may study abroad for a maximum of two (2) semesters.

Seniors: Students may study abroad in their senior year. However, students should ensure through careful consultation with their faculty adviser(s) that such study does not result in an unanticipated delay of graduation.  Study Abroad programs offered through the Global Education Center are eligible for resident credit.  For seniors, the 24 hour residency requirement is satisfied on an approved Study Abroad program. 

Transfers:  Students who transfer into Montclair State University may participate in an approved study abroad program for a maximum of two semesters. 

Second Semester Freshmen:  Freshman who wish to study abroad during the second semester of their freshman year must submit academic performance reports from each course in which they are currently enrolled. The reports must be signed and must indicate that the student's current anticipated course grade is a C+ or better.  Additionally they must submit their high school transcript that indicates a grade point average of 3.0 or better. An interview with the Director of Study Abroad and International Programs is also required.

Faculty-Led Programs: Because students register directly for MSU courses, they are considered “in residence” and no further action is required.

Students, who hope to study abroad as a Montclair State University student, are advised to begin talking to their academic advisor(s) early in their studies. The first semester of their first year is not too early to begin this discussion.

Application deadlines are as follows:
October 1 for Spring programs
March 1 for Summer programs
March 1 for Fall & Academic Year programs

Deadlines are strictly adhered to.  
Students are responsible for checking the provider's deadline for their study abroad program, as this deadline may occur before the Montclair State University deadline.

Faculty-Led Programs: Program application deadlines may vary somewhat for each program. Spring semester international field trip deadline is November 1 and summer programs range between February 1st and April 1st for summer programs.

Students who wish to participate in a study abroad program must attend the mandatory workshops held by Global Education. These include, but may not be limited to:  the Pre-Departure Series (2-3 workshops). Students in faculty-led programs may set up individual orientation meetings with the Global Education staff in the event of unavoidable conflicts.

Students not in attendance will be withdrawn from their study abroad program at the cost of the students.  

Specific eligibility and approval criteria and processes, application documents and fees and application deadlines can be found on the Study Abroad webpage.
Approval for study abroad is conducted on a rolling basis up to and including the application deadlines set by the Global Education Center.  Approval is granted to students who meet the 2.5 minimum grade point requirement, submit all required application materials by the deadline, receive a supportive letter of recommendation, and meet disciplinary and financial requirements.
Approval and Acceptance happens in two phases.  In Phase I, students apply to Study Abroad through Montclair State University.   Once approved to study abroad, student applications are sent to overseas programs for acceptance and placement or to the Faculty Director, in the case of Faculty-Led programs. During phase II, students must attend all mandatory pre-departure workshops which include:

  • You’re Approved! Now What?
  • Study Abroad Policies and Health and Safety Abroad
  • Cultural Awareness and Preparedness

Details of the Phase I process are available on the website

Students With Disciplinary Records:  Students with an active disciplinary file are not eligible to participate in study abroad.  Students with closed records may apply and will be considered on a case by case basis.  Disciplinary records of all applicants will be reviewed.

The Global Education Center reserves the right to withdraw a student from a study abroad program prior to departure for any of the following reasons:
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Cumulative GPA falling below 2.5
  • Failure to make payment

The Global Education Center reserves the right to withdraw a student from a study abroad program while abroad for any of the following reasons:

  • Violation of Code of Conduct Agreement
  • Failure to make payment

All withdrawals based on the above conditions will be at the cost of the student.  Student may owe significant program fees to study abroad providers and/or hosts.
If a student chooses to withdraw from a program either prior to or while abroad, student is responsible for all costs associated with withdrawal, including balances due to Montclair State University, program providers, and/or host schools, travel costs, etc.

Faculty-led programs include travel arrangements and therefore must follow a timeline for cancellations as follows:

Faculty Led Program Cancellation Policy
All cancellations must be in writing and are subject to a penalty. There is a non-refundable fee of $100 on any cancellations. Cancellations received less than 90 days prior to departure are subject to a penalty of 20% of the program cost. Cancellations received less than 60 days prior to the departure are subject to 50% of the program cost. Cancellations received less than 30 days prior to departure are non-refundable.

Montclair State University will not operate, pay for, supervise, direct, or otherwise support a study abroad program, research program, or other course or program for any students (undergraduate, graduate, professional) in a portion of a country where a Department of State Travel Warning (“Travel Warning”) is in effect.

If a student has an application in process or accepted but has not yet departed, the student will be informed that their program has been suspended.  The Study Abroad Office will make every effort to assist the student in making alternative arrangements for the semester, however.

Students who are already abroad may be required to return to the U.S. if the Department of State issues a warning that applies to country in which they are studying. The University will work with these students, their families, and the programs to decide the best course of action at that time. 

Montclair State University requires all study abroad students to have HTH Worldwide insurance coverage for the entire period of time they are studying abroad, regardless of any other coverage they might have through their parents, Montclair State, or their study abroad program.

Montclair students enrolling in study abroad programs that provide insurance coverage other than HTH Worldwide Insurance are required to purchase Atlas Travel Insurance.  Before departure, the enrollment of every student will be verified by the Global Education Center staff. Policy details, benefits and costs are available on the Study Abroad website.

Faculty-Led Programs
In addition to the HTH Worldwide insurance coverage, all participants will be required to complete a medical information form identifying their regular medical insurance coverage and any pre-existing conditions. A limited amount of medical insurance through the International Student Identification Card is included in the program cost for all participants. A release from a personal physician may be required for some conditions. The medical and personal information forms are due at the Global Education Center no less than 60 days prior to departure.

All students approved to participate in study abroad for the semester or summer will be registered for a generic Study Abroad placeholder course at Montclair State called INTL 401 – International Studies, for 12 credits (semester program) or 6 credits (summer program). This placeholder course, INTL 401 Study Abroad will serve to maintain your enrollment and priority (for registration, housing, etc.) at Montclair State while you are away. This course will stay on your transcript. When you return, the name of the school, course names and credits will be transferred to your MSU transcript. Unless you are participating in an exchange program, there is no charge for this course beyond what you are paying for your program. The Global Education Center will register you for the course. 
Before you leave, your responsibilities are:

  • To ensure there are no holds on your account
  • To ensure you are not registered for any other courses at MSU while abroad*
  • To ensure you have been successfully registered before you depart

*Please speak with the Director of Study Abroad if you require an exception.
While abroad, registration for the following semester may be conducted via NEST. If you are unable to log on from overseas, you will have to make arrangements with your proxy to register you via NEST. A reliable friend or parent should have full knowledge of your plans and be able to verify that the necessary steps for registration are followed. Give your registration pin number (if needed) and Social Security number or MSU CWID to your proxy. The proxy should also be responsible for supplying you with a current class schedule. If you do not follow this course of action, you will not be registered for the semester following your stay abroad. Failure to register may result in an inactive status and loss of financial aid. The main number for the Registrar is 973-655-4376.

Faculty-Led Program Registration:
MSU students and visiting students register through NEST directly for the pre-approved courses and pay tuition to the Bursar. Courses and grades will appear in the MSU transcript. Visiting students should order an official transcript after the program is completed to present to their home institution.

Your host institution will provide you with the information necessary to register for classes.  Keep in mind that Study Abroad participants frequently will not know the exact courses they will be taking until they arrive.

As part of your application, you prepared a preliminary selection of courses. You selected courses that could be appropriate for you at the host institution.  Using the “Request to Work at Another Institution” form, you received pre-approval from the chairpersons of your major, minor or GER. Please keep your copy of this form and give one to the Study Abroad Office, as this may be your only proof that the courses were to be accepted upon your return

Please be aware that neither MSU nor the host institution guarantees course availability upon your arrival at the host institution. However, you MUST REGISTER FOR AT LEAST TWELVE CREDIT HOURS in order to retain matriculated status and retain financial aid.

Please remember: In order for the courses to count at MSU, you are required to register at the host institution for the equivalent of 12 US credits, and you must receive a grade of C- or better for the credits to transfer back to MSU. You must not take any Pass/Fail courses overseas, since they will not transfer back.

Faculty-Led Programs:
Only specific courses are offered in each program. See the program descriptions.

Montclair State students retain campus residency while studying abroad.  You will be enrolled in a generic course for study abroad. After you return, academic reports prepared by the Global Education Center will transfer host university credits (as long as grades are considered a C- or above). They then become a part of your official Montclair State transcript. Courses taken overseas do not affect GPA. 

With Departmental approval, you can apply some study abroad credits to your major and/or minor requirements. If you plan ahead, your Advisor can work with you to find a program that will not set you behind. Remember:

  • You must be enrolled full time at your overseas institution.
  • The overseas institution will send your official transcript to the Global Education Center.
  • All credits transfer to MSU as free elective credits unless you have written approval by the appropriate MSU department chair to make a substitution for major, minor or Gen Ed requirements.
  • It may take several weeks for MSU to receive and process your transcript after the completion of your program.

It is imperative for the transfer of your courses into your major, minor, or GERs that you have departmental approval by having the form ”Request to Work at Another Institution” completed.  You must submit this form to the Study Abroad Office.  If you wish for the credits to count for free electives you just need to notify the Study Abroad Office.

*PLEASE NOTE:  Many overseas institutions use a different credit system than the US system.  In most cases, the credit conversion formual is available on the program's MSU brochure page.  In general, for institutions using the ECTS credit system, the formula is 2ECTS credits = 1MSU credit.  For institutions in the UK using the UK credit system, the common conversion is 20UK credits = 5MSU credits.  In any case, please be sure to confirm the credit conversion formula for your particular program with the Study Abroad Office at MSU before you go*

Faculty-led Programs:
Credit is received automatically for the course as listed. In a limited number of cases, credit adjustments can be arranged on an individual basis. Contact the Global Education Center for further information.

  • You will receive credit for courses you take for a grade (not pass/fail option)
  • You will receive credit for courses you pass with the US-equivalent of C- or better (courses in which you receive a D will get no credit)
  • Only credits will transfer back to MSU, not the grades.  Your GPA at MSU will be the same as it was when you left
  • If you apply to grad school or some jobs, you may be required to show your overseas transcripts with grades - so do your best!

Your GNED303: Global Issues requirement will be automatically waived after successful completion of an MSU study abroad program.

Credit Equivalencies:
Credits abroad do not always translate back with US credit equivalents.  It is the student’s responsibility to understand the value of the credits. If you are unsure of the value of overseas credits, please reach the Study Abroad Office to confirm the value of credits at your host institution and how they will transfer back to MSU.

Credit systems vary greatly among institutions, and it is the students' responsibility to make certain that they know how many credits are expected. Information on the credit system used by the host institution/program may be available on relevant WebPages, and/or students can email the program provider regarding credit equivalencies. The Study Abroad Adviser can help students in this determination.

Faculty-led Programs:
You will receive credit and grades for the pre-approved MSU courses. You can request that the GNED303: Global Issues requirement be waived after successful completion of an MSU study abroad program. It will not be waived automatically.

Non-payment of study abroad program costs will result in a hold on registration and transcript at MSU. Depending on the type of program in which you are participating, there are several ways you might be billed:

Students wishing to use their Financial Aid to subsidize their Study Abroad program should be aware of the following restrictions:

Exchange Programs:
Students participating in an Exchange Program are eligible to use all of the federal, state and institutional aid for which they qualify.

Affiliated Programs:
Students participating in an Affiliated Program are eligible to use all of the federal aid for which they qualify. State aid may not be used to support Affiliated Study Abroad programs. Institutional aid and external scholarships may be used in some cases. It is the responsibility of the student to check eligibility.

If you do not know if your program is an “exchange” or “affiliated” program, please check the program page on this website or speak with your Study Abroad Advisor.

In many cases, the cost of a study abroad program is more expensive than the cost of studying at Montclair State University.

The student is responsible for all costs associated with his/her program.

The student is responsible for checking his/her student account while abroad to ensure that the correct aid has been applied for the semester.

You will be billed through your MSU student account by the Bursar’s Office.  Your account will be charged the flat-rate 12-18 credits of tuition and fees. The cost will be equivalent to a semester of tuition and fees at MSU.  (or 6 credits for a summer exchange). You will make payment directly to the Bursar. 

Faculty-Led Programs: You will be billed directly through your MSU student account by the Bursar’s Office for the tuition portion only.

You will be billed directly by the overseas university or housing organization for housing.
All other costs are to be arranged and paid directly by the student. Other costs may include:
  • Airfare
  • Local transportation
  • Insurance
  • Visa Fees
  • Meals
  • Personal Expenses

Faculty-led Programs: Payment for airfare, local transportation and meals is part of the program cost in most cases, and payment is made directly to the Global Education Center by check, money order or credit card. Most programs do not require visa fees for US citizens but non US citizens will need to check the requirements of the destination country. Students are responsible for personal expenses on site.

Providers: These are programs run by third-party providers.  The provider may be a non-profit (i.e., SIT) or for-profit private company (i.e., ISA and CEA) that runs study abroad programs for universities around the country.  Montclair State has partnered with these providers to offer programs for Montclair students.

These programs will bill you directly. You are responsible for paying on time and in full to these providers per their instructions.

Institutions: These are universities, colleges or programs abroad that have been approved by Montclair State for study abroad. Institutions include DIS, CESP, SACI, and Semester at Sea.

Billing may vary according to institution. In most cases, you will receive an invoice for your tuition and fees and possibly housing after you have been accepted.  Sometimes the bill will be due before you leave, sometimes after. In any case, please communicate directly with the host institution to pay them directly.  Montclair State will not bill for these programs.

Program Evaluation
To be added.

Faculty-Led Programs Travel Policy
Most faculty-led programs are packaged to include group airfare, with the faculty director travelling with the group of Montclair students. A photocopy of the passport identification page, showing the official name and citizenship, must be received no less than 60 days prior to departure to ensure that the plane ticket matches the passport. Any penalties incurred for name changes after the 60 day point are the responsibility of the participant.

Most countries require passports to be valid for 6 months beyond the return date. Participants without passports or with passports that will not be valid for 6 months beyond the program date should start paperwork immediately.

If a student wishes to “opt out” of the group airfare, that cost will be deducted from the program cost and the student arranges to meet the group at the overseas destination. Airlines allow a limited number of students to depart with the group airfare but return on a different date.

Requests for a change from the group travel should be in writing and should be received no less than 60 days prior to the departure date. They are subject to availability of airline space, any applicable airline penalty or change fees, and a $50 service charge to the Global Education Center.

Participants who decide to travel separately from the group may lose some group services such as airport and hotel transfers, group hotel accommodations, meals, tours and domestic flights. Participants will not be compensated for lost services that result from the requested change

Faculty Led Programs- Passports and Visas
Most short term programs do not require visas for U.S. citizens. Non-U.S. citizens may need visas and should check with the consulate appropriate for their destination. Documentation and any visa charges are the responsibility of the individual participant. The Global Education Center does not arrange visas for programs unless the destination requires a visa for every participant. Neither Montclair State University nor the University’s travel agent may be held responsible if the individual fails to obtain the necessary visas.

Faculty-Led Programs-Non-MSU Students
Short term faculty led summer programs are open to non-MSU students from other institutions. Non-MSU students should request an official transcript to be sent to the Global Education Center and include an additional $100 application fee. Non-MSU students will need to provide one reference forms completed by faculty at their home institution. Once all materials have been received, students will be informed of their acceptance into the program. Upon completion of the program, non-MSU students will need to request an official Montclair State University transcript to present to their home institution.