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Phase II - Post-Decision

Review the Visa Application Process for your Program/Country:

Contact the consulate or embassy of your host country for visa information.  To locate the consulate or embassy, click here and select the appropriate host country link.
The visa process varies by country and your length of time abroad.  It is imperative that you begin this process as soon as you are approved by MSU to ensure you understand the costs (if any), supporting documents required and expected processing times.  Please inform the IE staff if you require a verification form from us.

Study Abroad Health Insurance (Health and Emergency): (MANDATORY)

Students are required to purchase GeoBlue International Travel Insurance to cover their time abroad. Details of the policy are found in the link above.

Study Abroad FERPA Form: (MANDATORY)

Details to which parties the student grants MSU permission to share his/her academic, medical and disciplinary records.

Request to Work at Another Institution:

This is only necessary if you will be taking classes abroad for which you want substituted for your Major, Minor, or Gen. Ed requirements.  You do NOT need this form for classes that will count as free electives.  Indicate the courses you will be taking at the host institution equivalent to those  you would be taking at MSU.  The form requires the signature of the student, Registrars Office, and the Chair Person of the department where the class resides here at MSU.  It must be completed and returned to the Office of International Engagement before you leave.  Please note that every department needs their own form.  You can put more than one class on a form if it is in the same department. 

Study Abroad Financial Aid Form Revised.pdf

This form is completed with the assistance of the study abroad adviser. 
If you are using any form of financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships, etc.) this form MUST be completed and signed by IE staff.  The original will go to the Financial Aid office and copies are kept in the students' file.

Policy & Pre-Departure Handbook Spring 2017

Cancel MSU Housing:

If you currently reside in on-campus housing and would like to cancel your assignment while abroad, please e-mail MSU Residential Education and Services with a housing cancellation request: