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There are many scholarships available to help support students in their study abroad programs.  This website lists scholarships available for study abroad through Montclair State, our partners, and from other sources.  This is not a comprehensive list.  After exploring opportunities found through the links to the left and within those pages, you are encouraged to conduct a broader online search for scholarships which may not be listed here.  Some helpful links to scholarship search engines are listed below.

In determining how to finance a study abroad program (in addition to scholarships) students should consider financial aid, comparative costs of different programs, and cost of living in different parts of the world.  Please feel free to make an appointment with the Study Abroad Advisor for additional assistance in exploring scholarships and budgeting tips.

Our Scholarships:

Montclair State Scholarships
Montclair State University Scholarships are funded by Departments, Alumni, and Donors.
*Only awarded to MSU students*

Federal Scholarships
Federal Scholarships are funded by The United States Department of State.  These are generally very generous and competitive scholarships.  Read the eligibility criteria and deadlines carefully.
*Students across the country are eligible to apply*

Program Partners Scholarships
Program Partners Scholarships include Montclair State University’s affiliated programs (CEA, ISA, SIT, SACI).
* Only students who are enrolled in these programs are eligible*
Region Specific Scholarships
Region Specific Scholarships are awarded to only those whose study abroad program is located in the designated country or region.   These are externally funded (non-MSU) scholarships.
*Students across the country are eligible to apply*

Diversity Abroad Scholarships
Diversity Abroad Scholarships are designed for those with diverse backgrounds.
*Students across the country are eligible to apply*

Other Study Abroad Scholarships
These are various scholarships funded by external organizations.
*Students across the country are eligible to apply*
Scholarship Search Engines
We have included many useful scholarships here, but please conduct your search!  You are not limited to the scholarships on these pages.