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Application Process-Semester, Year, Summer Program

Study Abroad Application Process

You are about to embark upon an exciting journey of exploration – study abroad.  This section reviews the various steps Montclair State University students must take to begin the process of studying abroad.  The application process has two distinct phases and require advising sessions in person, group session and online. Students will need to:

  1. Review Programs Available on the Website
  2. Attend a Study Abroad Information Session
  3. Create an on-line account
  4. Make an Appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor

Review the Programs Available on the Website

A great way to begin reviewing the programs available for study abroad is by visiting our Programs/Countries page. There you will find an interactive map. As you move the mouse over the map, regions of the world are highlighted. Click on the region of the world that interests you to begin to view options. Countries where Montclair State University has programs will be highlighted and you will be able to find program details.

You can also do an advanced search to find programs that suit your needs regarding courses available, language, term, housing, GPA and other search parameters. Search as broadly or as specifically as necessary to find the program that meets your needs.

We also have listed our Featured Programs which include our faculty led and exchange programs. Feel free to search the website to begin to find the program that meets your needs academically and personally. You will find that Montclair State offers you a variety of programs abroad that will suit most students' needs and desires.

Attend a Study Abroad Information Session

 We hold weekly study abroad information sessions every Wednesday at 3:00 PM, while classes are in session for students interested in studying abroad.  These sessions provide a great foundation to understanding the offerings, required forms which need to be completed and important academic and financial issues to consider.  An information session is a great place to bring your initial questions and have them answered by Office of International Engagement Study Abroad staff.  We enjoy meeting you and helping you find the right program.

Apply to a Program and Create an Account

Once you have identified a program for which you want to apply, go to the program page and click on the "Apply Now" button in the top right side of the page.  You will be asked to enter some information about yourself, then your username and password will be emailed to you.  Use that username and password to log into your Study Abroad account and complete the application process.

You may begin an application at any time.  However, you will need to meet with a study abroad advisor or faculty director at some point early in the process.  If you are unsure about what program to apply for, you can request an appointment before you start an application.

Make an Appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor

After either attending an information session or reviewing your program choices, it's time to meet with an advisor for an individual study abroad appointment.  This meeting allows the student and advisor to gain further insight into the program possibilities, academic goals, financial resources and other issues and concerns of students pursuing a study abroad experience.  In this meeting we generally provide an overview of the application process' phases, how to complete an online account and continue guiding you on next steps to take.

An informal meeting with your academic or major advisor is suggested to review your degree requirements and determine what types of courses you will need to take during your term abroad.  Please be sure to consult with your major department advisers and/or academic advisers about your plans and discuss coursework and terms that will work for you.

To schedule an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor please Contact Us
For semester, summer and year-long programs – Francesca De Ros and Domenica Dominguez
For short-term faculty-led programsWendy Gilbert-Simon

Before you arrive for an individual study abroad advising appointment, please create a Study Abroad account by applying for a program that is of interest to you. This does not obligate you to study abroad or bind you to that program or semester of study. It just allows for the advisor to begin to gather important information about you and start tracking your application status.

During the advising appointment, we will review the steps required in Phase I of the application process to help you receive approval to participate in study abroad.


While You're Exploring - Talk with a Study Abroad Peer Advisor

We also recommend that you talk with our Study Abroad Peer Advisors (SAPA's) to learn about their experiences and advice on how to prepare for your own educational experiences abroad. They can also discuss topics such as traveling, living abroad, and what it is like to be immersed in a different culture.  Feel free to reach a peer advisor while you are exploring programs or once you know where you are going.  To contact a peer advisor, click here.

Pre-departure Meetings

Attendance is mandatory for all students participating in individual study abroad programs. For MSU Faculty-Led Programs, each program has a separate pre-departure meeting.

We will provide students will three mandatory workshops prior to your departure. The workshops will cover topics such as "Your Approved! Now What!" – an overview the steps necessary to complete phase II; "Pre-departure Policies – Health Insurance " – an overview of the important information required for students to maintain enrollment, how credits are transferred, financial process and billing, registering for courses while abroad, course selection at host institution, staying safe abroad, health insurance, and much more. "Cultural Tips" – an overview of the important cultural information necessary to successfully prepare to study abroad; tips that will assist you while abroad and upon your return.