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International Summer Institutes

International Summer Institutes
These study abroad programs are 2-8 weeks in length and focus on a particular theme. Most are held at partner universities overseas, but are led by a Montclair State faculty member with expertise in that region who accompanies the group and enhances their understanding and experience. Participants travel as a group, although weekends are often free for individual travel, and the program cost typically includes airfare, housing, some meals, museum entrance fees, guest lectures and administrative costs. Most programs involve a number of course options from which each participant selects two courses for six credits or three courses for nine credits. Participants register through Montclair State University Summer Sessions and receive Montclair State credits that may fulfill major, minor and general education requirements.   These programs are also open to students at other universities who register as Visiting Students and receive a Montclair State University transcript for transfer credit to their home institution, and some programs are open to non-students wishing Professional Development Units. Programs and destinations may vary each year.

2018 International Summer Institutes:

Summer in Genzano DiRoma: "Ville of the Antonines" Archaeological Fieldschool

2017 International Summer Institutes include:
Montclair in Edinburgh
Montclair in Florence
Montclair in Genzano
Montclair in Madrid
Montclair in Nice
Montclair in Taipei

2016 International Summer Institutes include:
Montclair in Croatia - Transitional Justice and the Politics of Memory
Montclair in Nice - French Civilization, Language and Art
Montclair in Madrid - Spanish Language, Literature and Culture Summer Institute
Montclair in Florence - Italian Language, Civilization and Media
Montclair in Genzano - di Roma: “Villa of the Antonines” Archaeological Field school

2015 International Summer Institutes include:
Montclair in Nice - French Civilization, Language and Art 
Montclair in Genzano - di Roma:  “Villa of the Antonines” Archaeological Fieldschool
Montclair in Florence - Italian Language and Civilization 
Montclair in Madrid - Spanish Language, Literature and Culture Summer Institute
Montclair in Croatia - Transitional Justice and the Politics of Memory