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Study Abroad Peer Advisor (SAPA) Program

Prospective students are encouraged to talk with Study Abroad Peer Advisors (SAPA's). SAPA's are alumni who have previously studied abroad and they would love to share their experiences and advice on how to prepare for your own educational experiences abroad. To contact a peer advisor, click here.

Travel Resources


Passport Issuing Office - Lists the government offices near you which issue passports and answer passport-related questions.
U.S. State Department and Passport Services - Extensive information on passports, passport services, restrictions, fees, where to apply for a passport, etc.
Passport Services and Information: How to Apply In Person - Detailed list on the documents and procedures necessary to establish time and location of birth in the case that no birth certificate exists.
Clifton Passport Application Service - Business hours, address & contact information of local Clifton passport office.


Visa Information

Flight Information - A student travel agency offering discounted air and rail fares, as well as the International Student Identity Card (ISIC).  -  StudentUniverse is an online student travel agency with cheap tickets. - Online Airfare Provider - Online Airfare Provider - Online Airfare Provider
Microsoft: Expedia - Online Airfare Provider - Online Airfare Provider, purchase by ticket bidding only. - Resource for airfare bargains from multiple travel providers, and for finding the lowest-cost tickets Discount My Flights- Students can find discounted tickets on over 400 airlines across the world. (Montclair State does not endorse any of these services and they are not affiliated with Montclair State University.)

Rail Information

Japan Railways Group: Rail Passes - Offers various rail passes for JR lines in Japan.
Rail Europe - European rail and rail/auto pass vendor.
Eurail - Provider of discounted rail passes, covering travel in 17 different countries in Europe.
Octopus Card - Hong Kong's "smart card" for travelling by railways, ferries, buses, as well as other uses.

Currency Converters

Oanda Currency Converter
Go Currency Converter
Full Universal Currency Converter

Travel Guides


Frommers Budget Travel Online - Publishes a variety of travel books and magazines.
Let's Go - Site of the publisher of another one of the most popular student guidebooks on the market today, with links on where to buy.
Lonely Planet's Guidebooks - Site of the publisher of one of the most popular student guidebooks on the market today, with links on where to buy.
Rough Guides guidebooks - A travel site covering topics from world music to e-books. 


Country Specific Information

Monetos - Independent Information and Research on the European Private Financial Sector