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Application Process

Application Process OverviewIsis Tasmania

There are two distinct application processes under which you can study abroad:

1) Faculty-led programs are held during the winter, spring and summer break. These programs are led by Montclair State faculty members, and click here to learn more about the process in applying to study abroad through a faculty-led program.

2) Individual programs which are held over the semester, academic year and summer.  Students are enrolled either via exchange or through a study abroad provider, and click here to learn more about the process of studying abroad through an individual program.

Application Deadlines

The deadlines to submit application materials to your MSU Study Abroad advisor for summer, semester and academic year individual programs are:

Semester               Deadline

Spring                        October 1st                                                    

Summer                    March 1st

Fall                             March 1st

Academic Year         March 1st


A program deadline can be earlier than what is shown above, so please check and verify with your specific selected program. Applications submitted after these deadlines can potentially be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Faculty led deadlines can be found on here.