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Study Abroad Peer Advisor (SAPA) Program

Dear Study Abroad Alumni, please read below to learn more about the MSU Study Abroad Peer Advisor Program!

The Study Abroad Peer Advisor program is intended to increase awareness and enthusiasm about study abroad by creating opportunities for the exchange of information between past study abroad students and prospective study abroad students. SAPA's will serve as resources via email, phone, one on one, and at events, as mentors for those interested in studying abroad. SAPA's may share their rich experiences with the MSU community in order to inspire future SA students and the MSU community.

Why Apply?

The SAPA program allows past SA students to share their experiences while inspiring future study abroad students. Peer advisors will gain experience as mentors and representatives of the Global Education Center and of MSU conducting classroom presentations, and other activities. The program can serve as a great resume builder, and will build skills useful for a range of careers.


SAPA Advisor applicants must be current MSU students, who studied abroad through an MSU approved program lasting at least one month and must be enthusiastic and passionate about study abroad. Applicants must be willing to dedicate between 10 and 30 hours a semester to meeting with students and helping with study abroad events. Peer advisors will be representatives of the Global Education Center and of MSU.

How to Apply

All recently returning abroad students should receive a letter of invitation via email. If you are interested, please fill out the online application. If you have questions about the program, please contact Nyieta Charlot at, or click on the application link below.

Online Application

Click here to apply to become a Study Abroad Peer Advisor