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Diversity in Study Abroad

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Diversity Abroad

Diversity Abroad is the leading global education organization which targets non-traditional students for international education opportunities. Founded in 2006, Diversity Abroad reaches high school, community college, university and graduate students for international education and other global exchange opportunities. Specifically, Diversity Abroad targets student groups who traditionally have not take advantage of opportunities provided through international education exchanges. Come find out more about our mission, history and who we are!

Hispanic Scholarship  Fund (HSF)

Do you know someone pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree? Would a scholarship and support services that include career and mentorship be of assistance? If you know a friend, family member or mentee who plans to continue their education and hasn’t already applied for a scholarship with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF), we enthusiastically invite you to reach out to them to encourage them to apply for the 2017-18 academic year.            
In the last scholarship cycle, HSF awarded more than 4,400 scholarships funded by 100 different companies and organizations. The HSF application allows students to apply for multiple scholarships with one application! Students have the potential to receive $500 to $5,000 for the institution and major of their choice. Click here for the scholarship FAQ.


Spirituality and religion play an important role in many of our students' lives and in the lives of the host community members. As you prepare for your study abroad experience, consider how your religion or spiritual beliefs may influence your experiences abroad. You will likely have encounters that challenge your faith and spirituality. You can alleviate potential misunderstandings by learning as much as possible about the culture(s) that you will be immersed in. Your experience abroad can be an incredible opportunity to learn about world religions and to understand social and historical views of religious acceptance and tolerance in your host country. Take the time to learn how people in your host culture worship and engage in different religious practices by exploring the link provided: U.S. Department of Religious Freedom Information
To visit the Department of State Students Abroad site, click here.